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We deliver Direct Engagement, Bank and Managed Service solutions to our NHS and private healthcare clients. These are supported by our our WorforceManager Platform and outsourced payroll solution.

Direct Engagement

Our Direct Engagement model allows NHS trusts to make financial savings, simply by switching the method in which agency sourced locums are employed.

Traditionally, these workers would be sourced and supplied via recruitment agencies, however, this isn’t the most cost effective way of filling gaps in a trust’s rota. Our approach still sees recruitment agencies source locums, however, in contrast they supply them directly to the trust on a NHS Temporary Worker contract via our Agency Release Module technology. This technology tracks all shift and worker details for smooth processing.

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NHS employed



Built with the NHS for the NHS

Cost-effectively fill substantive rota gaps

Our native mobile workforce app works on all smart devices delivering an Uber-esque experience

Integrates with roster/rota systems via our APIs

Features include “smart matching” and “fast SMS notification”


Make the most of the locum Doctors and AHPs known directly to your healthcare organisation with our Bank system and integrated mobile workforce app.

It’s loaded with features which allow you to fill gaps in your rota with fully compliant Bank workers, whether that be your substantive staff doing compliant overtime or nurses, doctors and other medical professionals from different facilities who are looking to work with you on a temporary basis.

Our best-in-class workforce app is fully optimised for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, ensuring you quickly reach even the busiest of workers.

Sat alongside your agency strategy and integrating with in-house or 3rd party roster/rota systems; our Bank technology can underpin the perfect blend of cost and care.

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Managed Services

We provide a unique Managed Service offering to the healthcare sector. Deploying our expert resourcing, marketing, accounting, legal and technology experts alongside your internal teams gives you the best of both worlds; an integrated in-house team supported by industry experts who are ready for every contingent workforce challenge.

Every Managed Service is designed for each client challenge but typically delivers:

  • A Staff Bank solution that is always well stocked with talent and that is therefore truly the first point of call when you need a contingent worker
  • A committed and cost effective agency supply chain
  • Optimised use of all relevant technologies, whether supplied by us or other partners
  • Powerful and live management reporting that can highlight trends and guide decisions regarding cost and care
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A Staff Bank that is the first point of call for contingent workers

An agency supply chain that offers commitment and value

Improved compliance

Accurate and timely management reporting


Built with the NHS for the NHS

Fully IR35 compliant

Automated management information & NHSI reporting

Desktop, mobile and tablet friendly

Integrates with your current roster/rota system and other 3rd party tech via APIs

Agency Release Module

Recruitment agencies are a critical part of the resourcing ecosystem within the NHS and wider healthcare market and their support underpins the ability to deliver patient care across the UK.

Built in conjunction with our clients and enhanced extensively over the last 5 years, our Agency Release Module (ARM) provides our clients with the very best way of releasing vacant shifts to preferred agency partners and receiving CVs back whilst also providing control of rates/commission (framework or otherwise) and compliance criteria.

One of the most widely deployed systems in the sector; ARM has been used by more than 50 healthcare clients and over 200 agencies supporting medical and non-medical/clinical contingent recruitment.

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Our proprietary systems are built with APIs that allow for fast and seamless integrations with third party technology such as rostering systems, accounting software and reporting tools. Our in-house integration experts will manage the scoping and implementation exercises, ensuring you achieve maximum benefit without the need for burdensome internal projects.

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Application Programme Interface (API) ready

In-house experts to carry the weight of projects

Reduce the effort and risk associated with manual input