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Maximise the rewards of utilising your best value, temporary staffing resource pool, with a Bank technology which allows you to manage workers across multiple disciplines and sites.


An effective staff Bank that can truly be your first point of call for your contingent workforce requires a multifaceted approach.

At +Us we believe there are four key elements to making this work.

  1. Attraction – populating your Bank with the details of compliant candidates that are willing and ready to work
  2. Engagement – continuously remaining in contact with your Bank members to ensure they stay keen and connected whilst reaching them quickly and efficiently when a shift needs filling
  3. Management – having appropriate systems and processes in place that house the skills, qualifications, compliance details and availability of your potential workers
  4. Deployment – having the right people in your teams that can deploy the Bank staff when the time comes.

The +Us Bank solution incorporates all of these; whether delivered entirely by us or where we plug in to your in-house teams or other 3rd party providers.

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We have in-house experts that can support you to attract the right people to your Bank. Starting with your Contractor Value Proposition (CVP) and transitioning to specific attraction campaigns we will find a way to improve the volume and quality of candidate available to you.

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  • Diagnostic

  • Powerful database

  • Best-in-class mobile application

  • UK back office, payroll and query management

  • Bank attraction advice

  • Legal and compliance support


We can build a sustainable plan that keeps you and your Bank workers connected, even between times that they are working with you. Engagement is key to maintaining the quantity and quality of workers in your Bank whilst helping to maximise the matches you make between candidates and open shifts.

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Furthermore our native mobile worker is the perfect way for Bank members to connect with you whilst gaining quick and easy access to shifts specifically tailored to their skills, qualifications and preferences.

Working on all smart devices, the app is seamlessly integrated with our wider Contingent Workforce Platform to ensure instant access to the shifts you need filling. The worker can maintain their profile and preferences on the app and find work as easy as booking a taxi. The Uber-esque experience is the future of medical resourcing.

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Without the right technology, Managing a Staff Bank can be a complicated, time consuming and even risky task. Our Staff Bank database was designed with experts from within the NHS and wider healthcare sector and ensures all the relevant skills, experiences, qualifications and compliance details of each worker are stored safely with automated flags when anything is due to expire. Your in-house teams have total control over who is, and who is not, allowed to work, ensuring the highest standards of patient safety.

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The details of qualified, experienced and available candidates is nothing without the right people ready to deploy them. Our technology takes the load as smart matching works with the workforce app to highlight who is best to fill the shifts whilst making contact and booking quick and simple. But we also prepare your teams to make the necessary calls to candidates and recruiting managers to ensure you make the most cost effective contingent workforce placements possible.

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