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Data Diagnostic

We provide a partnership from Board level to front line deployment across multiple workstreams to align positive improvements within care centred organisations. We perform a range of reviews across your  workforce strategy, systems and processes.

Data Diagnostic

Due to our in-depth knowledge of the industry we link positive improvement from Board to individual managers within large organisations. This creates a mix of data with key insights linked to actionable and measurable change processes to improve visibility control in a fully informed way. By creating your existing data driven story we work with facts:

  • Asking the right questions – We find out what data you have and outline what you can do with it.
  • Ensuring the right data is there – Most organisations have some level of data which we can form a data driven ‘story’, with extensive experience with large data analysis we uncover gaps in the narrative to uncover the key issue’s to review.
  • Capacity to deliver the right change process – Organisational behaviours and alignment to drive effective measurement AND improvement for flexible workforce deployment.

We have the capacity to measure, improve and enhance strategy throughout flexible workforce solutions.

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Asking the right questions

Ensuring the right data is there

Capacity to deliver the right change process

  • Provide roadmap for success

Beyond data

Often the initial data review will highlight parts of the Data Story which appear to have elements missing or could be perceived as needing improvement. We must understand the factors which may have led to the inability to have a complete Data Story which supports the continuous positive improvements.

+Us perform a Gap Analysis, apply a unique scoring methodology to end to end processes and recommend a roadmap for improvement. This is built around a modular approach to meet the needs highlighted within the Data Story.

Make informed decisions

A recommended strategy to control the best outcome and make informed decisions

  • Review and build the current Data Story – basing key decisions on data facts allows organisations to measure and control positive improvements and build a foundation with clear and defined achievements
  • Our experts and your internal team – review key stages to review, utilise our extensive experience of working within industry regulators and consultants with a broad industry background provides a fresh outlook on organisational change
  • Apply +Us Gap Analysis and scoring methodology – comprehensive mapping and insight to structured improvements with a clear long strategy
  • Review process improvement to optimise outcomes – Support your current team to develop and deliver the best possible outcome
  • Evaluate the gap and provide roadmap for controlled improvements – You +Us = maximised potential
  • Review and build current data story

  • Your expertise +Us

  • Gap analysis and scoring methodology

  • Improve outcomes

  • Provide roadmap for success