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Our interoperability allows healthcare organisations to seamlessly connect exisiting bank platforms with WorkforceManager to manage dataflow.

How Our Interoperability Works

We have built an integration layer that sits between WorkforceManager and exisiting platforms used by the NHS to manage dataflow. 

Integrating this connector is simple and straightforward, providing a scalable and resilient solution that ensures optimum performance and protects against a loss of data.

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  • Ability to utilise best in class technology, to support your bank & agency workers

  • Simple cascade of open Bank shifts to agency supply chain

  • Full two-way integration, eliminating the need for manual entry across technology platforms

  • Enabling the achievement of both operational and financial efficiencies

  • Improve workforce planning, with real-time insights

  • Flexibility to determine most appropriate bank supplier for your NHS organisation, which can work alongside our WorkforceManager Platform
  • Aligned working relationship with other suppliers to ensure Trust can utilise joint expertise within respective companies