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On Payroll

Engage your contingent workers via a compliant payroll method.

How it works

Our On Payroll model allows NHS trusts to make financial savings, simply by switching the method in which agency sourced locums are employed.

Traditionally, these workers would be sourced and supplied via recruitment agencies, however, this isn’t the most cost effective way of filling gaps in a trust’s rota. Our approach still sees recruitment agencies source locums, however, they supply them directly to the trust on a NHS Temporary Worker contract via WorkforceManager. This technology tracks all shift and worker details for smooth processing.

Our in-house payroll and pensions teams ensure compliance and simplicity of payment and process for all involved. Payslips provide transparency for locums on breakdown of costs, whilst the reporting module in our technology offers bespoke reports to our clients – highlighting savings, spend and payroll compliance.

The process is simple to use for locums, trusts and recruitment agencies, timesheets to be submitted, processed and paid quickly and efficiently. If you do have any queries, our client relations and workforce services teams are on hand to answer these.

We work with NHS organisations up and down the country and process ten of thousands of timesheets per month and saving the NHS millions every year