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+Us are solid professionals. First and foremost, they are an accountancy and legal firm which means that we don’t lose sleep over IR35 compliance, and their weighty financial presence offers constant peace of mind.

Dee Appleton-Cairns, Deputy Director of Human Resources, Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

NHS Trust and Health Board Testimonials

We have worked extensively with +Us in the last 2 years as part of improving the Trust’s use and management of agency medical staff. The Trust has one of the largest spends on medical agency staff in the country and needed to bring its systems and processes into the 21st Century. +Us have played a key part in this both in terms of the system they provide and also the support they have provided before, during and after implementation. The Trust, like many others in the NHS, are constantly seeking to do things better and +Us are key part of this.

The Trust chose +Us as its partner ahead of others because of the fresh innovative approach, engaging style and commitment from the team. Our Trust is a large organisation with four main hospitals with a divisional management structure cutting across all the hospitals. The implementation was made harder because of the devolved management of agency medical staff within the Trust and particular issues facing us. +Us fully supported the Trust providing a significant amount of project support, drive and enthusiasm necessary for the project to succeed.

And, it hasn’t stopped there – the Trust also needed to refresh its contractual arrangements with agencies and procure a portal for the whole agency booking process. +Us have worked with the Trust and its successful agency portal provider to ensure that the direct engagement process was integrated successfully into the new arrangements. As part of direct engagement and the introduction of the +Us system, the Trust developed an automatic payment interface to reduce the need for manual processing thereby reducing costs in the accounts payable function.

The Trust has come a long way since December 2013. Significant savings have been made using the +Us system; the Trust has better management information more readily available and reduced costs in other areas. The Trust is better placed to make more efficiencies in the use and management of medical agency than ever before.

As part of our review of temporary staffing, we were looking to improve our controls on medical staffing and to ensure that we paid the correct amount of VAT in all cases. We considered a number of different models and potential providers, but we decided on +Us…

…the VAT component of the model seemed to be more robust than their competitors; and +Us’ track record with personal services companies and HMRC compliance, gave us reassurance.

This has been a good relationship so far for us. We have been very pleased with the high quality management information which helps us make more efficient decisions, and the electronic workflows and payment uploads, which save us administrative time.
+Us have continued to provide dedicated and hands on support, making this a very straightforward transition.

We chose +Us above other providers because the team were genuine, honest and transparent.

The smooth transition over to them was supported by the fact that the team who first presented +Us to us, were the same team who managed our project. Since then, they have become part of the wider team and don’t feel at all like an external organisation.

We have a dedicated account manager who is always on hand and comes to visit regularly. This ensures that when (few and far between) issues are logged, they are always resolved in under 24 hours.

+Us are solid professionals. First and foremost, they are an accountancy and legal firm which means that we don’t lose sleep over IR35 compliance, and their weighty financial presence offers constant peace of mind.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the +Us team.

Yeovil District Hospital highly recommend Plus Us Medical Services. We have peace of mind that IR35 rules are adhered to and are making savings on our agency usage in a challenging time of NHS funding. We thank them for their help and assistance with improving our daily processes and look forward to working with them on a new Bank system.

+Us have been working with our Consortium, a group of 9 NHS Acute Trusts with an annual spend on Medical Agency Locums of £21m. A number of these Trusts have appointed +Us through the Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud Framework.

One of the first Trusts within the Consortium to appoint +Us has received an exemplary service, that has resulted in significant update with Agency Doctors which has surpassed monthly improvement projections on take up.

+Us’ approach to the implementation and go live was undertaken in a well-structured, timely manner, and they worked closely with the Trust project lead, engaging with Service Line Managers, and the Finance team to ensure smooth transition with the introduction of the new system. +Us have a proactive approach to the delivery of their service, and we would highly recommend them to other Trusts.

Since we implemented the +Us system we have moved from paper timesheets to electronic timesheets which has streamlined our internal processes, saved us time and helped us use the resources in other areas of the trust.

+Us provide excellent Management information each month with the breakdown of all our agency spend. It has improved the visibility of the Trust’s medical locum spend immeasurably and has enabled us to provide ADO’s with accurate information on a regular basis. It also highlights the agency commissions and allowed us to validate the rates we were paying against those agreed in the framework. The Management information we receive reports our instant savings and forms part of our reporting to the board.

We procured +Us via the G-Cloud framework, this provides the Trust with a compliant route to market and was a very simple and quick process the team helped us from start to finish.

+Us has been working with our NHS Foundation Trust for approximately 6 months and has successfully delivered significant savings for the organisation. We have found +Us very easy to work with and they have been very responsive to our requirements. Their team is very knowledgeable and always on hand to offer advice and support and they have worked well with our existing processes and agency providers.

The +Us team provided an extremely professional and proficient service. From the outset, they gained full understanding of the 3 care organisations within Pennine Acute and our requirements in respect of Worker Engagement. Working as an integral part of the medical workforce project team, they supported the Trust in engaging with medical agencies, senior stakeholders and operational managers ensuring that the obligations under IR35 were understood. +Us teams were present on site and their support was invaluable in ensuring that the Trust’s stance was embedded. Uptake regarding our preferred means of worker engagement increased from 27% to 86% within a few weeks and continues to rise on a weekly basis. I have no hesitancy in recommending +Us.